I’m running a small CS:GO server for the local E-Gaming club. It’s based on https://linuxgsm.com/, which makes managing game servers easy.

Today I got a call from the trainer, telling that the server was not running. I have some tasks running every night to check for updates, and my first thought was that something had gone wrong during the update.

when trying to start the server with: “./csgoserver st” it tried to start but immediately stopped again. I inspected the console log file and found hundreds of files, with very few lines in them:

#AppFramework : Unable to load module bin/engine.so!
#Unable to load interface VCvarQuery001 from bin/engine.so, requested from EXE.
Wed Dec 11 16:55:14 CET 2019: Server Quit

Searching google for this did not give me anything related to my issue. Trying to communicate with someone in the LGSM discord channel did not give me any success as well. I tried installing the server again with “./csgoserver i” and I tried the variuos options for updating the server – no luck.

Finally i tried the validate command “./csgoserver v” and even though it seemed to be running forever without anything happening, it finally showed progress, and after 5-7 minutes it finished.

I was now able to start the servers (I have more than one instance, running of the same source) and everything seems to be running just fine.

My assumption is that some kind of download got aborted during an update, and therefore missed or corrupted some files.


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