If you are used to using Vim or Vi as your editor, you might miss it when using powershell. Good news is, theres a way to get it. Download and install Vim for windows, create a profile.ps1 file in this path: (for me at least) c:\users\%username%\documents\WindowsPowerShell\ and type in the following:

$VIMPATH    = “C:\Program Files (x86)\Vim\vim74\vim.exe”

Set-Alias vi   $VIMPATH
Set-Alias vim  $VIMPATH

# for editing your PowerShell profile
Function Edit-Profile
vim $profile

# for editing your Vim settings
Function Edit-Vimrc
vim $home\_vimrc

Remember to change the $VIMPATH to your installation.

Now you have a fully functional vim from powershell.



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