Gnome NetworkManager is awsome, supporting almost all kinds of VPN solutions, and all you need to do is install a plugin. My main issue is, that my customers often have a pre-build package (for Windows) containing a VPN client including configuration, so they actually dont know how it’s configured.

I usaually figure it out, and then its a breeze to click the network icon, select VPN and activate the connection, this is how it should be on all OS’es.

Unfortunatly there are some minor issues, one of them beeing that if you install the network-manager-vpnc module, you will have the option to create a VPNC based connection, and if you type everything right the first time, it will work. But….

You will not be able to edit the connection, it’s simply not listed when you select VPN settings (Ubuntu 22.04). using nmcli will list the connection, and you will be able to modify it, but I found another soluition, that is much easier.


It will open a small GUI, letting you create, modify or delete all connections.

I have created a bug report here:
It has been confirmed, bot not fixed. Hopefylle it will be fixed in later releases.

Another issue, that I discovered today, is that you are not allowed to add the connection when creating it 🙁 See some discussion here:
This issue is also not present in nm-connecttion-editor.

The connections will be working perfectly from the build in NetworkManager application in gnome.


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