Using Windows subsystem for Linux (WSL) is so nice, when you are forced to work from an inferior OS, sometimes also referred to as “a gaming console”
Especially combined with the Windows Terminal, which I wrote about here: I’m sure that most Linux/Unix administrators will feel right at home.

Despite all the goodness, there are some minor annoyances preventing me from experiencing a big burst of happiness. One of them are the inability to use ping on a std. WSL Debian as a non-root user. That’s right, you need to do “sudo ping nice.little.address” or you will be denied 🙁

The root cause is the ping utility missing the SUID bit, which it has on the real distro. Luckily there’s an easy fix, add the SUID bit to the ping utility:

sudo chmod u+s /bin/ping

Thats it, now you can ping without sudo again 🙂

Happy pinging


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